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If you think you might be dyslexic click on Am I Dyslexic? and Getting an Assessment or Screening Test

Am I Dyslexic? Getting an Assessment or Screening Test
List of Adult Assessors in our Area Where can I get Charity Funding for an Assessment?
What is Visual Stress? Where can I be tested for Visual Stress?
Helpline Numbers 07 525 182 405 and 01622 791843

Adult Tuition

Private Specialist Tuition for Adults Free Tuition for Adults
Free Courses for Adults  

Literacy and Numeracy Difficulties

Problems with Written Work? Problems with Spelling?
Practice Your Literacy Skills Practice Your Numeracy Skills
Memory Strategies:- Memory Tool Box  

If you are studying for a Level 1 or 2 Literacy Exam you might find this book useful

Edexcel Literacy Level 1 skills by Clare Constant

Information for Adults with Dyslexia

Some of the Adult pages have been put together in a Power Point format. Please click on the link below to access this information.

Adult Dyslexia 16-80+ Adult Power Point Presentation

Employment Issues

Employment Issues: Source British Dyslexia Association

Careers Advice Link to BDA Workplace Link to BDA
Identifying Reasonable Adjustments. Performance Reviews and Disciplinary Hearings
Disability Discrimination Legislation Applying for Jobs and Promotion

Employment Issues-Links

Access to Work Disability Employment Advisers
Access to Work S.E. England: Tel. 020 8426 3110
Employers' and Employee's Pages

Employment Training and Apprenticeships Opportunities

"Passport to Your Future" National Trust  


Driving Test

Driving Test and Dyslexia Drivers Link to BDA Theory Test Special arrangements Link to BDA
  Highway Code


The Dyslexic Hero's Journey by Kenneth James Gordon  


Post 16 Gallery To Showcase Dyslexic Adult's Work

Post 16 Gallery:- Photographs Post 16 Gallery:- Stories


Home Page


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